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  • ‘World’s First Live Music Social Network’, with valuable IPs, a substantial first-mover advantage, and a clear run at capturing the live music online marketplace.

  • Mass market live music social interaction platform, far more than simply a social network, online venue, video tube site, or radio station.

  • Powered by Streamwolf, CTHQ’s cutting-edge cloud-based live streaming technology with high quality live broadcast encoding, viewing, recording, storage and playback (See Streamwolf)

  • Completely free for both viewers and performers

  • Ability for users to easily create personal profiles complete with Bio, Pictures, Videos, Blogs, Background & Profile images, Status updates and much more

  • Full social interaction features between users such as Comment boxes, Status updates, Live News feeds and Forum posts

  • Free MP3 audio track hosting for musicians allowing members to play for free or pay for downloads of their music

  • Complete gig listings for both Justjamit shows and also all shows that are not live online

  • Ability to Post-Review and share thoughts on live Justjamit shows you have attended, as well as join discussions about upcoming shows

  • Different profile types: e..g. Individual, Band, Venue, Manager

  • Free platform for performers/songwriters/promoters to release LIVE exclusive events of artists new songs and albums

  • Ability for users to easily select and embed: Youtube videos of their choice, Google Maps showing their location, and Image Icons linking directly to their other social pages around the web

  • Site is fully optimised with social media allowing for: Facebook ‘Likes’ on every page; Users to Connect through their Facebook profile; The ability to share as well as announce updates immediately on Twitter and Facebook; and Recorded live streams to be automatically uploaded to Youtube

  • Potential to generate revenue through Affiliate advertising , Google Adsense, Brand advertising, Sponsorship, sales of rights owners MP3 music downloads, Artist tips, and more

  • Built and owned by CTHQ, so cost effective maintenance, updates and improvements

  • IP-protected, including .com domain name and all third party licenses secured, plus trademarks pending

Coming soon...

  • Many further features within live event and MP3 track pages; eg Comments boxes, Images, Sharing features and many further Information fields (eg  Venue information, Friends who are attending this show, Song lyrics, Song meanings, etc); Facebook Timeline Integration Application; Justjamit Desktop Reminder Application; MP3 downloads; Live Music discussion forum; and yet more and improved social interactive functions throughout the site.

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