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SW Core-Load Balance






  • Cutting edge Cloud-based high quality live streaming application

  • Web-based plugin – Runs in web browser (not desktop application)

  • Globally renowned & trusted Amazon Cloud servers for efficiency, speed, security and reliability

  • User-friendly and consumer-driven encoder interface (most competitor applications are for technical users)

  • Recording and storage of all live streams for later playback and management

  • Flash-based & easily embeddable player

  • Real-time text chat between viewers and performer

  • Operator commands: Mute, Ban, Unban, Add/Remove Operator Status

  • Logo watermark integration allows for white-labeling

  • .com domain name and all third party licenses secured.  Trademarks pending.

  • Substantial third party licensing potential as simple affordable live streaming solution.

Technical Summary

  • H.264 Video and HE-AAC Audio encoding for high quality broadcasts

  • Video bitrate: Up to 1600 Kbps    

  • Audio bitrate: Up to 1500 Kbps

  • Up to 30 Frames-per-second

  • Standard and HD video resolutions supported, limited only by performer’s camera and/or viewer bandwidth

  • Recorded videos as MP4 and streamed as video on demand (VOD)

  • Encoder integrated directly into web page as a browser plugin – all major browsers supported

  • Adaptive bitrate encoding for constant optimal performance based on connection

  • Live server data control module to analyse usage and handle server allocation

  • Core components coded in Node.js and MongoDB

  • Ability to store the encoding application for third party users and host potentially thousands of generic and organised live broadcasts for users to view and surf.

Additional Technical

          See also sw-core and swcore-loadbalance for helpful diagrams to illustrate the below

  • Highly advanced scaling algorithm for managing a cluster of streaming servers (see sw-core.png)

  • Fully automated scaling based on actual demand; number of viewers in a show is not limited

  • Distributed operation across multiple geographically distributed datacenters, ensuring low-latency, high-bandwidth and low-cost operation

  • Each datacenter operated by a single Controller instance, controllers communicate with each other using a real-time protocol

  • Detailed monitoring console with data collected from all regions; doubles as simulator test bed for development environment

  • High security of all APIs based on timed SHA256 secret key signatures; each client app has a different secret key

  • Clients are assigned to datacenters based on a real-time bandwidth measurement (see swcore-loadbalance.png attached)

  • Streaming based on industry-leading Wowza 3 technology

  • Scaling consists of launching, monitoring and terminating Wowza instances

  • Two-tiered streaming architecture for the best stability - Origin and Edge tiers

  • Automated down-scaling when capacity demand drops, to save costs

  • Cloud-based - minimised costs - only pay for used bandwidth and server running time

  • Cloud-based - reliable - in case of a hardware failure, a new instance is simply allocated from the Cloud and started

  • Currently running on the Amazon cloud (Amazon Web Services), but easy to extend to any other cloud provider or datacenter

  • Shows are recorded into Amazon S3 for later VOD streaming via Amazon CloudFront; also easy to implement our own VOD CDN via the Wowza technology

  • PHP library for maximum ease of white-label embedding into existing websites; stream watermark dynamically loaded over HTTP

  • Protocols used: HTTPS, RTMP, and WebSocket with a Flash-Socket fallback

  • Base encoder integrated directly into web page as a browser plugin; Flash Media Live Encoder as a high-end option

  • In the near future: HTTP live streaming, WebRTC encoding, and WebSocket streaming powered by Node.js (no Wowza licensing needed)

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